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MARC formats (Topical Term)

Preferred form: MARC formats
Used for/see from:
  • Earlier heading: APIN (Information retrieval system) Format
  • Earlier heading: CATS System Format
  • Formats, MARC
  • Machine-Readable Cataloging formats
  • Earlier heading: MARC System
See also:

ALA gloss., 1983 (MARC, Machine-Readable Cataloging, a communications format developed by the Library of Congress for producing and distributing machine-readable bibliographic records on magnetic tape.)

Library lit., 1990-91 (MARC System - most entries are for MARC format, and are NOT under subdivision --format, which is not found in Lib. lit. Other entries about evenly divided among topic LC-MARC data base and machine-readable cataloging in general. No special system, other than LC-MARC data base, discernable; MARC seems to mean system based on MARC format)